Custom Molds


Does your company need to create custom molds?

Lowrance Machine Shop helps companies in a range of industries manufacture the right molds for their needs and can manufactured quickly if you’re on a tight schedule.

We specialize in creating rubber and urethane molds and offer a bevy of services, including mold engineering, reverse part engineering, mold repair, and more. In addition, we can provide you with open pour molds, mold inserts, and everything else you need for your end part.

There are also many advantages to creating urethane molds such as it being an economical investment and customizable.We utilize the latest techniques to make rubber and urethane molds to ensure you receive the highest quality products.

We make molds that produce O-rings, rod seals, S-seals, wipers, piston seals, top seals, hammer unions, front and rear seals, BOP seals and much more.. To take advantage of Lowrance Machine Shop’s custom mold services, contact us at 281-449-6524 today.