No project is too big or too small for Lowrance Machine

Lowrance Machine is constantly upgrading and investing in state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to stay ahead of the quickly developing production field. As components and molds become more complex and materials become more sophisticated, maintaining pinnacle equipment gives customers a decisive edge with their products.

CNC Lathes Equipment

CNC Lathes

Lowrance Machines broad range of horizontal and vertical lathes offer a variety of bore sizes and lengths. These machines are designed for long-term accuracy and superior surface finishes.

CNC Horizontal Lathes:
• Up to 40.6” swing – 62.9” center
CNC Vertical Lathes:
• Up to 100.0” swing – 72.0” vertical

CNC Mills Equipment

CNC Mills

Lowrance Machines machining centers are designed for heavy duty cutting, high accuracy and superior surface finishes.

CNC Machining Centers:
• Up to X-80.0”, Y-31.0”, Z-33.4”

Manual Lathes

Manual Lathes

Lowrance Machines skilled machinists have decades of experience using equipment that is proven and reliable. Our manual lathes offer a variety of bore sizes and lengths.

Manual Horizontal Lathes:
• Up to 32.0” swing X 60.0” length
• Up to 20.0” swing X 192.0” length

Manual Vertical Lathes:
• Up to 52.0” swing X 36.0” vertical

Manual Mills

Manual Mills

Lowrance Machine has a variety of horizontal and vertical mills. These machines are versatile and can be used for many applications.

Manual Horizontal Boring Mills:
• Up to X-109.0”, Y-60.0”, Table-84.0”

Manual Vertical Mills:
• Up to 51.0” X 43.0” table X 48.0” X 60.0” vertical
• Up to 18.0” X 98.0”

EDM Equipment

EDM (Sinker)

The Sinker EDM allows us handle a wide variety of shapes and sizes including hexes, keyways, squares, and thin walls.

• C-Axis 10/20 RPM
• 7 Position Tool Changer Combi System
• 3R Tooling

Surface Grinding - Auto & Manual

Surface Grinding (Auto and Manual)

Lowrance Machine is equipped with automatic and manual surface grinders to handle sizes up to:

• Table Size: 15.75” X 31.50”
• Max Grinding Length: 32”
• Max Grinding Width: 16”
• Max Travel: 35.375”

Other Equipment


• Hardness Testers (HBW, HRC, HRB)
• Welding Machines (Tig and Mig)
• Drill Presses
• Band Saws
• Non-Destructive Thickness Gauge