No project is too big or too small for Lowrance Machine

Lowrance Machine is constantly upgrading and investing in state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to stay ahead of the quickly developing production field. As components and molds become more complex and materials become more sophisticated, maintaining pinnacle equipment gives customers a decisive edge with their products.

CNC Lathes Equipment

CNC Lathes

Lowrance Machines broad range of horizontal and vertical lathes offer a variety of bore sizes and lengths. These machines are designed for long-term accuracy and superior surface finishes.

CNC Horizontal Lathes:
• Up to 40.6” swing – 62.9” center
CNC Vertical Lathes:
• Up to 100.0” swing – 72.0” vertical

CNC Mills Equipment

CNC Mills

Lowrance Machines machining centers are designed for heavy duty cutting high accuracy and superior surface finishes. 4th and 5th axis options are available.

CNC Machining Centers:
• Up to X-80.0”, Y-31.0”, Z-33.4"

Manual Lathes

Manual Lathes

Lowrance Machines skilled machinists have decades of experience using equipment that is proven and reliable. Our manual lathes offer a variety of bore sizes and lengths.

Manual Horizontal Lathes:
• Up to 32.0” swing X 60.0” length
• Up to 20.0” swing X 192.0” length

Manual Vertical Lathes:
• Up to 52.0” swing X 36.0” vertical

Manual Mills

Manual Mills

Lowrance Machine has a variety of horizontal and vertical mills. These machines are versatile and can be used for many applications.

Manual Horizontal Boring Mills:
• Up to X-109.0”, Y-60.0”, Table-84.0”

Manual Vertical Mills:
• Up to 51.0” X 43.0” table X 48.0” X 60.0” vertical
• Up to 18.0” X 98.0”

Surface Grinding - Auto & Manual

Surface Grinding (Auto and Manual)

Lowrance Machine is equipped with automatic and manual surface grinders to handle sizes up to:

• Table Size: 15.75” X 31.50”
• Max Grinding Length: 32”
• Max Grinding Width: 16”
• Max Travel: 35.375”

Other Equipment


• Hardness Testers (HBW, HRC, HRB)
• Welding Machines (Tig and Mig)
• Drill Presses
• Band Saws
• Non-Destructive Thickness Gauge